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“Misuzuame” is the traditional dried jelly candy in Nagano. It is made from fresh Japanese fruits’ nectar and agar using starch syrup and sugar wrapped by oblaat(*1).
Misuzuame contains 6 flavors; apricot, ume(Japanese apricot), sanpoukan(*2), grape, peach and apple.
*1 Oblaat(wafer paper) which is a thin edible film made from vegetable starch, is a unique traditional food of Japan.
It has no taste nor odor, and is transparent.

In Japan, for more than 100 years it has been used for wrapping of soft candies. When wrapped with Misuzuame, Oblaat can be easily eaten. It is not necessary to throw it away as garbage.
*2 Sanpoukan: A traditional species of citrus fruits which is harvested in Wakayama prefecture in Japan.
We are not using any synthetic preservatives added, coloring, or spice in Misuzuame.
Ingredientsfruits’ (apricot,ume, sanpoukan, grape, peach and apple) nectar, agar, starch syrup, sugar, and Oblaat
Allergen InformationPartially contains soy bean and apple, but not containing any following products; egg, dairy product, wheat, buckwheat, peanuts, shrimp, and crab.
Expiration dateabout 6 months in room temperature
NoteKeep it in room temperature.
Please keep it away from the direct rays of the sun, and high temperature and high humid place.
Starch syrup, which is the main raw material, is used to be hardened by low temperature. If Misuzu Jelly becomes hardened in winter season, please put it in warm place in few hours.